I write and record music for digital media.

I specialize in hybrid composition, blending recorded instruments with synthesized and sampled sounds, and my music has been featured in trailers, games, and a podcast.

I work from a professionally treated home studio which I built myself!

A short property flyover synced to music I produced:


This is where I upload personal projects and more broadly-scoped compositional efforts. Regularly updated sometimes.


Sometimes you have to cast your lot with others in order to make something truly, weirdly wonderful. Lozenger is an electronic project birthed in Brooklyn with ex-neighbor and current friend, Tyler Herrmann.


Freesound is a great resource for user-contributed royalty-free sound effects, samples, background music, and field recordings. For years this site has been an invaluable resource in my own audio and music production journey - so now I try to give back as much as possible with my own sounds.