Hi there!

I'm a developer, musician, and maker passionate about multimedia storytelling.

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I write fast, maintainable, standards-compliant code.

I work in native Javascript wherever practical, and I have extensive experience with modern web development frameworks like React and Angular.

For more details on what I've done and what I can do, you can read about some of the projects I've worked on or look at my Github to see some code.

Or just check out my resume.

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design & branding

The internet is an powerful tool for reaching your audience, but it also creates significant competition. A signature look and feel is crucial for setting yourself apart.

I make apps and sites that are modern, vibrant, and professional.

user experience

The best idea in the world is meaningless without engagement from your target audience.

I make complex workflows accessible, and I place special emphasis on reducing friction by considering real-life use cases.


I bring concepts to life by considering the details that matter:

  • what devices and screen layouts should I target?
  • what percentage of users need special support for older devices?
  • how will my data services and hosting scale with success?

I make this process easy, answering these questions and more with a combination of experience, intuition, and data.


I enjoy creating just for the sake of it, but the intersection of audio, video, and interactive content is where I really shine.

I'm currently available for new projects, so If you're working on something special that doesn't quite fit in one box or the other, let's chat.

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