Hi there.

I'm a developer, composer, and producer passionate about audiovisual storytelling.

more about me

code and more

As a developer, I write code:
fast, maintainable, standards-compliant code.

I work in native Javascript (ES2018) wherever practical, and I have extensive experience with modern web development frameworks like React and Angular.

For more details on what I've done and what I can do, check out my code writeups, my Github or my resume.

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but there's so much more to it.

design & branding

The internet is an powerful tool for reaching your audience, but it also creates significant competition. A signature look and feel is crucial for setting yourself apart.

I make apps and sites that are modern, vibrant, and professional.

user experience

The best idea in the world is meaningless without engagement from your target audience.

I make intuitive interfaces that make complex workflows accessible without over-simplifying, and I place special emphasis on engagement by reducing friction and considering real-life use cases.


A concept can be brought to life in innumerable ways. In figuring out which will provide the best possible experience, it pays to consider what is unique about your situation.

  • what devices and screen layouts are important to consider?
  • what percentage of users need special support for older devices?
  • how will your data services and hosting scale with success?

I make this process easy, answering these questions and more with a combination of experience, intuition, and data.

storytelling through media

Music is the language of emotion - it communicates mood and energy in a visceral and irreplaceable way.

I have experience composing in many different styles from minimalist electronic to epic Hollywood to characterful contemporary, and I love building soundtracks that enhance wihout overshadowing.

Check out some samples of my work below, or visit my music page to dive into all the music I make.

your soundtrack

= 115

screen and media

I write, record, and sequence custom cues and soundtracks for film, video, and various multimedia projects.

I also provide professional quality stock tracks for license (and even some for free)!


I am available for commission if you need original work for a particular event or for personal use.

I also work with existing music - I have extensive experience transcribing (and analyzing) existing music for performance. Sometimes I even blog about the things I've transcribed.

audio production

Today's media is consumed in more forms than ever - in a single day, your work might play on phones, computers, earbuds, portable speakers, sound systems and much more!

It's more important than ever to consider the many ways your message will be heard.

As a producer with years of experience in everything from songwriting and arrangement to the final stages of mixing and distribution, I can make that happen.

post production

Multimedia projects are a collage of different types of audio: dialogue, music, sound fx, background ambience and more.

My focus in post production is seamlessly blending all these elements together into a cohesive whole - because the focus should be on your work, not mine.

studio work and mixing

As a songwriter with a good ear for hooks and harmony and a producer who can handle arrangment and mixing, I have the skills you need to turn great music into release-ready tracks.

You bring the ideas, I'll bring the polish.