I live in Denver, Colorado, after having spent several years living in NYC.

Before that, I was in Philadelphia where I earned my degree in Science, Technology, and Society from Penn. It’s a small program that’s chock-full of fascinating and applicable material that explores science and technology through the people and systems they affect. That education fundamentally shaped the ways I think about and interact with the world, and I evangelize breathlessly every chance I get.


I play eight musical instruments and I’m always looking for more to learn! Aside from writing and performing music, I love spending time outdoors, cooking, and reading for both pleasure and education (right now I’m fascinated with applied rationality and the psychology of emotional intelligence).

I enjoy creating seamlessly cross-platform user experiences, so much of my work involves web development. But I’m passably familiar with tech from many walks of life, and I’m always looking to learn new ways of doing things.


At the end of the day, a company without a story is just a product. A symphony without a story is just a bunch of notes. A superhero without a story is just a mutant.

A good story energizes and captivates the imagination. It’s what takes an idea from words on a page to something relatable and real. I’ve always been a storyteller, because I’ve always been fascinated by the power of narrative to shape ideas. I try to bring that perspective to every project I work on.